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The Basics Edit

Hiya! T'is Winter, and this little section's going to be quite informal, if you hadn't guessed. I'll put links 'n' stuff to all the relevant wiki articles when the time comes, but for now here's what you've got to know to get started worldbuilding here.

I. The galaxy's a dark place, widely unexplored and in something of an inter-imperial period. There are relics of long-past galactic civilizations everywhere, but no such civilizations to be found.

II. Psionics! Psionics. Psionics are a thing, varying in rarity from species to species. The less disciplined and more numerous the psionics of a given species, the more likely they are to encounter magical anomalies. Some harmful, some beneficial, some neutral.

III. FTL travel and communications are both, obviously, possible. Hyperlanes, ancient beyond measure, connect almost every system (even if indirectly) to every other. They must be charted, however, which is both ridiculously dangerous and ridiculously lucrative.

IV. As far as DMing (since this is as much an RP as it is a worldbuild), that will be left to myself for the most part. In my absence, Gocker will be entrusted with my regency.

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